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Asbestos Insurance

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a term for a group of six naturally occurring mineral fibres that form 3 different coloured asbestos: brown, white and blue. Asbestos was long viewed as one of the most versatile minerals because of its flexibility, strength, insulation from heat and electricity, chemical inertness and affordability, resulting in its extensive use over many years.

Asbestos fibres are shaped with sharp jagged edges. This physical property makes them dangerous when inhaled because they become lodged in the lungs – they are unable to be expelled. Over time, there is an increased chance in developing an asbestos-related illness/diseases that often results in death. This chance increases if the person smokes. As such, any work in and/or around asbestos presents a risk in the unintended release and/or exposure to asbestos.

This is where Tower Insurance can assist.

Cover can be arranged for the following type exposures:

  • Working With or Making Safe Asbestos Sites
  • Asbestos Related Advice
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Waste/Landfill Management
  • Sampling/Testing
  • Property Owners
  • Demolition
  • Strip-outs
  • Excavation, Earthmoving & Digging
  • Underground Work
  • Salvage Sales

Asbestos liability insurance can cover the cost of:

  • Injury to a 3rd party Asbestos handling
  • Asbestos removal

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